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Lyin' Cyrus

Our Republican friends in D.C., and the entire Evangelical community, find themselves, during these impeachment proceedings, in quite a pickle. 

There seems to be little doubt that President Trump did, in fact, orchestrate a conspiracy to blackmail his Ukrainian counterpart into smearing Hunter Biden, and by association,Trumps' main Democratic contender, Joe Biden.

Reputable sources, one after another, testified in the House that the conspiracy was real. Knowing what we do about Trump's sordid past, the accusation makes perfect sense. Trump, like a brooding Mafia Don, still smarting from the Mueller Investigation, ventured well past Constitutional bounds in pursuit of political revenge. The pettiness of Trump and Guliani, as described by these eyewitnesses, boggles the mind. 

Does this abuse of power rise to the impeachable level of "high crimes and treason"? 

I'm no lawyer and can't say. 

But I do know a liar when I see one. 

Mr. Trump has lied over and over again about the Ukraine. Now, by association, any Senator who disallows witnesses or further evidence to be presented during this trial, are also bald-faced liars. Enough evidence has been presented to justify a closer look. 

It may be ok for politicians to agree to a lie but for believers, it's strictly verboten. 

You may have heard: Satan is the father of lies. 

The problem that dogs many Charismatics in this swampy mess is "the Cyrus prophecy". You know the one, right? Kim Clement prophecied years ago that Trump would become president and, like OT figure Cyrus, would be sympathetic to Christian causes. (There is no record of how many of Clement's prophecies were duds, but if he is like every other modern day prophet, his batting average was probably very bad.)

Trump supporters who, in defense of Cyrus, suggest that Satan is behind this assault on Trump forget that God is no respecter of persons. At the same time Trump curried the Christian vote and Charismatic leaders prayed with him in the Oval Office, Trump lied through his teeth about the Ukraine.

Trump wanted God?

Now he has him. Cyrus is getting a big dose of God's judgment, his petty misdeeds, and serial lies, in full view for the entire world to see. God is no respecter of persons. 

The reputation of the Evangelical community is at stake here. By compromising our values to accommodate the "Cyrus prophecy", Christians risk much bigger damage downstream. Trump is a semi-lucid demagogue who seems capable of all manner of insanity. We've turned a blind eye to Trump's misdeeds for the last 3 years, but now, confronted with indisputable evidence of Trump's malevolence, the timing of the impeachment is impeccable. 

It could very well be that, with another four years at stake, God is telling us to rid ourselves of this charlatan. 

God's never late, right? 

You want a Christian voice in the White House?

What, exactly, would be wrong with Mike Pence on the GOP ticket in November?







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