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Tongues Talker

Are you baptized in the Spirit? 

Luke records in Acts 2 the first baptism by the Holy Spirit, at Pentecost, when visible "tongues of fire" descended on the disciples, who spoke in actual foreign languages that were recognizable to onlookers. Although I have heard testimonies of people praying in foreign languages, the Charismatic "prayer language" is heavenly, not human, and recognizable only to God and angels. Because this language originates in the spirit, not the mind, it is thought to be perfect prayer, beyond the reach of Satan's distracting influence.  

I myself was baptized in the spirit the night I met Jesus, but believe it's distinct from the salvation experience. Whenever it happens, "The baptism" was for me and those who experience it, an incredibly powerful moment that forever changes our relationship with God and the world around us. In Acts 2, those who received the baptism were so profoundly impacted that they appeared to be drunk. 

In addition to the incredible feelings they felt in the Upper Room, afterwards the apostles were supercharged by God's presence, so much so that they literally changed the course of human history. Even though he was not in the Upper Room, Paul, who said he "prayed in the spirit more than all of you" (1 Cor 14:18), was instrumental in shaping the New Testament church, taking the Gospel to the gentile world, and refuting those who wanted to cling to Judaism.  

Apparently, the baptism is a controversial topic for some folks, who think that the "gifts" of the spirit died with the original apostles. Because my spirit baptism happened the night I met Jesus, I have never labored under that misconception.

If you have not been baptized in the Holy Spirit, I encourage you to seek this amazing gift. 

And while you're at it, go ahead and order a shirt we just dropped that celebrates the descent of the Holy Spirit.

Wear this one and you'll shine the light of Jesus in the dark world we inhabit. 

Happy T-scipling, 

Jeff Criswell

Director of TeeOlogy





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