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Love Shack

Remember that infectious B-52s song, from way back when? 

Love shack, baby, love shack! 

Apparently, the song was written in tribute to a sort of juke joint near Athens, GA and adapted for the band's alt-indie-rock audience. If their fun video is to believed, one found magical relief from life's hard edges upon entrance to this imaginary love shack, which teemed with sex, drugs and rock n' roll. 

Until recently, I didn't know much about the B-52s, except that they were quirky, eccentric and got their start in Athens, not far from my home in Atlanta. Turns out that, during the 80s, their original guitarist tragically died of AIDS, and none of the surviving members, three of whom are also homosexual, appears to know Jesus. 

Perhaps, if they were believers, they'd know that there really is such a thing as a  "love shack" - your local, spirit-filled church. 

In a church where Jesus is alive there is, in fact, a sort of tangible, magical quality at work that offers shelter from the storm. Instead of sex, drugs and rock, though, we bask in faith, hope and love. If the church is doing it "right", when it's doors swing open, strangers feel welcome, and worship transports everybody from the mundane to the throne of God. (You can't get much higher than that.) Need prayer? A good church opens the altar to sinners who want to repent, and believers with heavy hearts. Need friends? God places the lonely in families (Ps. 68:6). 

Alas, no church is perfect, I understand that. As we dance before the Lord, it's easy to step on people's toes. Ambition and pride can and do spoil the party. God forgive us for wearing pharisee costumes as we argue about theology (Matt.23:24). 

That said, God has, in fact, tasked the Body of Christ with proclaiming and demonstrating the Kingdom of God.  

And if there is a love shack to be found anywhere in this corrupt and indecent existence, it is in and among Jesus' church. In this dark world, we shine like lights. 

Is your church a love shack? If so, you'll draw people like a moth to a flame. 

Bang, bang! On the door, baby!  

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Wear it and you'll shine like a light for Jesus. 

Jeff Criswell

Director of Tee-ology




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