Pastor's Discount

Thank you for your hard and often unappreciated work.

The time you spend laboring in prayer, or at work on the building, or the grounds, to make your place shine with excellence. The effort that goes into creating sermon after sermon, the love that, at all hours of the day, compels you to the bedside of sick church members. The supernatural stress of battle with Satan, who knows how utterly crucial your role is to the future growth of the church. 

Leadership is rewarding but not easy. No matter what, you can't  please everyone.The church, the ekklesia, is unlike any other institution on earth. We operate on supernatural principles laid down by a God who rose from the dead. The only template is the Bible. would love for you to wear our shirts. Like you, we put a lot of time and energy into representing the Gospel with excellence. 

As a token of our thanks, please use coupon code LABORER for a 35% discount on any shirt in our store.

It's a sizable discount but you're worth it. Our unisex shirts, for instance, cost $19.95, but with the pastor's discount, just $12.96, which includes shipping. 

If you're on staff at a church, please feel free to use the discount as often as you'd like.