24/7 Tee Deal

Our very best offer is for 7 (or more) shirts ordered at the same time and shipped to the same address. In that case, we'll discount the price of every shirt by 24%.

Yep, it's true.

Bundle any 7 shirts in an order to a single US address, and we'll knock 24% off the price of the tees.  Use discount code 24/7T at checkout and the discount will automatically be applied. 

24/7 Tees. Yay! 

In the 24/7 bundle offer a...
  • $29.95 shirt discounts to $22.76 
  • $24.95 shirt discounts to $18.96
  • $19.95 shirt discounts to $15.16
And remember, all our prices INCLUDE shipping. 

OK, ok, the prices look great. But who's going to order 7 T-sciple shirts at once?  

Church, singles, youth Campus group Couple, family  Jesus freak

 Whoever places the order, it's our privilege to serve you. 

Like you, our goal at T-sciple.com is to see folks everywhere, all the time, conspicuously represent Jesus in the public square. Or school. Or the marketplace. That's why we're happy to offer T-sciple quality at bargain prices. 

Jesus, everywhere, all the time

To recap...

1. Order 7 shirts and ship them to the same US location and we'll discount the price by 24% 

2. Although we ship most orders in about 3 business days, with this offer it may take more time to collate all 7 shirts, depending on the styles you order. 

3. Because the discount is so deep returns become a little gnarly. For instance, if a shirt doesn't fit like you hoped, perhaps donate it to someone as a gift? 

4. Use discount code 24/7T at checkout where the 24% discount will be automatically applied. 

Questions? Call 1-833-872-4753