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Buy 2 Get 1 Free - Coupon Code: 3FORME

Why Do You Seek?

My favorite Bible verse is Luke 24:5 - 

You are no doubt familiar with it. 

"The women" - we don't really know their identities, by the way - rush to the tomb of Jesus to anoint his body. Arriving there, they find the huge stone that was used to seal the cave rolled away, and inside encounter "men" (angels) who wonder why the ladies "seek the living among the dead." 

Love the irony, guys.

The Resurrection, perhaps more than his miracles, forever identifies Jesus as preternatural and divine, outside the law of physics. The Resurrection makes him  greater than all the OT figures, and every other important "religious" figure of every other religious society, combined. 

He is God in the flesh.  

Paul, who had been steeped in Judaism, can't contain his excitement about the Resurrection. 

After the Damascus Road encounter that blew his ever-loving mind, Paul gushes that  "if you believe in your heart that God raised Christ, you shall be saved" (Rom. 10:9). Jesus is the last Adam, and the second man, his Resurrection the end of the era enslaved by Adam's fall, and the beginning of a New Age. We, the fortunate beneficiaries of God's grace, are empowered by the ongoing presence of the Risen King of Kings. He is not a myth, or list of rules and regulations, but the living God. 

The lasting impression of my first encounter with Jesus, back on May 12, 1977, was and is the Resurrection. That fateful night, I changed from having a vague sense that there must be a God, to believing without any doubt that Jesus is alive. The Resurrection is not something I "figured out", rather, he downloaded it into me, forever branding me as his. For me, every day is Resurrection Day. 

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In Christ, 

Jeff Criswell

Director of Tee-ology. 







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