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No Compromise

Jesus gloriously saved me on May 12, 1977. On this, the anniversary of my 42nd year in Jesus, I'd like to pay homage to a musician who God used mightily to inspire not only me but a generation of believers back then: Keith Green. 

Is it possible that new believers have not heard of KG, or listened to his powerful praise music? 

Keith grew up in the Los Angeles area and from an early age was gifted with a remarkable talent for piano. KG was Jewish by birth but had a sort of searcher's soul and tried all manner of "religion" before finally meeting Jesus in the early 70s. In Green, Christ found an explosive witness who wrote incredible music about the risen King of Kings. His first album, "To Him Who Has Ears to Hear" is one of the great ones ever produced in Contemporary Christian Music. Every time I hear the album's first song - "You Put This Love in My Heart" - I go back to those first wondrous days after I, myself, first found Christ. 

KG followed that first album with "No Compromise", another absolute gem of a record, stuffed full with unforgettable songs that relentlessly glorified Jesus. From that album, "How Can They Live Without Jesus?" speaks to the evangelist's urge to tell everybody about Him. 

Green's approach to Christianity mirrored the title of his second album; he was a sold-out believer who did not compromise his faith.  

I had the wonderful fortune to hear KG play a "concert" in the late 70s, in a high school assembly hall. Remarkably, there were only about 200 people there, but even though the crowd was rather sparse, Green played and preached his heart out. Afterwards, while he was selling cassette decks of his first album, I had a chance to meet this gospel fire-ball. True to form, even though I didn't have the $10 to buy the cassette, he GAVE me one, trusting me to send him payment through the mail. 

Tragically, Green died in a small plane accident a few years later, leaving his widow Melanie and children as survivors. 

But his legacy lives on. 

In a very small way, is honoring KG's legacy with a tee shirt, appropriately titled, No Compromise.

Unrelenting allegiance to Jesus is what is all about. 

You'd be surprised how effective a shirt can witness to your allegiance to Christ. You might not play piano like KG, but you can still impact your world. 



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