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Buy 2 Get 1 Free - Coupon Code: 3FORME

Married to Jesus

You've seen 'em. 

The silent couple at the restaurant, their heads bowed as they ritually shovel food down the hatch They are with each other but not really.They yearn to communicate but can't. Whatever buzz they once got from each other has long ago worn off.  And as they finish the meal and depart, you can't help but feel the pain of their loneliness.

There is something scary about a dead marriage. 

And there is something scary about a dead Christian. 

In a very real sense we are, all of us, married to Jesus. He is the vine and we are the branches. We bear fruit as we cling to him. Like a partner in a happy marriage, we flourish as the relationship flourishes. 

But we don't reap the benefit of marriage without sacrifice. A lot of it.  

When we come to Christ he lays down new ground rules for new life. The greatest commandment is to love Him with all your heart, soul and mind. He jealously desires all of you, all day and every day. But so many of us hold back, cling to old stuff, take days off, and make idols out of crap. 

Lukewarm believers get that way a little bit at a time. A compromise, here, an unexamined sin there, and before you know it, that fire of first love is gone.

And then, as time goes by, your faith tastes as cold as a meal with a spouse you no longer love. 

I sell Christian tee shirts. I'm not saying that wearing T-sciple is a magic pill that compensates for a life gone lukewarm. 

But I think you might be surprised by the impact of bearing witness for Jesus through these shirts. Like a giddy newlywed, everybody will know how you feel about your marriage. 


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