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Bummer, man

I'm bummed, man. 

David A.R. White, a prominent Christian actor, is divorcing Andrea, his wife of many years, and the mother of his three kids. I (sort of) followed brother White via his Facebook page, where he regularly posted pics of what appeared to be his happily nuclear family.

Dude is a principle in PureFlix, a thriving studio for faith-based films. As we speak, White is the star of a "sit-com" called Malibu Dan, the Family Man. Please change the name to: Hello, hypocrisy

Apparently, White made so much dough in Christian movies that he really did have the bucks to buy in Malibu, of all places, where there is hardly even a church. Hollywood is a tough place for a Christian but if you live in L.A. you can find a church where a family can put down roots. Malibu aint' close to town, though. It's a weird non-community where the ultra-rich live in fortresses surrounded by gates and moats. 

God hates divorce, y'all.

It is a home wrecking nightmare that devastates the kids, who, themselves, become leery about getting married. And the parents who divorce are left with bitter options.

Does White imagine himself getting remarried? Scripturally, there is little to no justification for it. 

Our very high profile brother has wrecked his testimony, corrupted his platform, and spoiled what seemed to be a perfectly fine family. 

I don't have a subscription to PureFlix but if I did it would be cancelled. 

Alas, please check out a shirt I just dropped about Jesus, who will never disappoint us. Oh, come let us adore Him.

Happy T-scipling,

Jeff Criswell

Director of Tee-o-logy





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